Garden by Ellen Luckett Baker 2

Perfect for any home project

Following the last column, we introduce three prints of GARDEN collection by Ellen Luckett Baker; Hydrangea, Crossed Leaves and Butterflies.

Hydrangea JG41700-4 cotton/linen canvas

  • 41700_4_2
  • 41700_4_3
  • 41700_4_4

“Echoing the fullness of a hydrangea, this pattern is printed in a vintage color scheme. Perfect for bags, quilts, table linens, or clothing”(Baker)

Crossed Leaves JG41700-5 cotton/linen canvas

  • 41700_5_2
  • 41700_5_3
  • 41700_5_4

“This staple of the collection blends with the others and works in any context — bags, quilts, or home decor”(Baker)

Butterflies JG41700-6 cotton/linen canvas

  • 41700_6_2
  • 41700_6_3
  • 41700_6_4

“These striking butterflies are perfect for any home project and also beautiful in clothing”(Baker) Different color gives you different impression so that you can come up with various idea.

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