Rough Cut

Created from papercut designs

Very popular designer, Ellen Baker’s new fabrics are here. The name is ‘Rough Cut’.
“Rough Cut was created from my papercut designs, which were cut by hand on paper, then transferred digitally to be printed onto fabric. This allowed much of the handmade feel to come through in the final product. My fabric works well for clothing, home decor, bags, and quilts.”(Ellen Baker)

Mosaic  JG42500-500 Cotton/Linen Canvas JG42500_500_2

The Mosaic design echoes tribal designs with a geometric twist, ideal for home decor or bags.

Botanica JG42500-501 Cotton/Linen Canvas JG42500_501_2

The Botanica design original papercut artwork was the inspiration for the collection. I started with this design, creating it in an improvisational way. With flowers and organic shapes, it contrasts well with some of the more geometric designs.

Pebbles JG42500-502 Cotton/Linen Canvas JG42500_502_2

With the Pebbles design, I wanted to create a simple design reminiscent of mountains, hills, or a rocky landscape. The pops of neon in green and pink add interest and whimsy to the design.