Parallels 2

Animal prints that are perfect for children’s apparel

Continued from last column, Ellen Baker’s new collection Parallels is featured, including two designs of cotton/linen canvas and two designs of brushed cotton flannel fabrics.

Pandas JG42800-800 Cotton Linen Canvas
JG42800-800 _1JG42800-800_2

In every collection, Ellen always features simple and easy-to-use geometric patterns. In Parallels animal motifs are added as new elements. Looking like stamped images, somewhat mature looking animals make this fabric perfect for bags and small cases for adults as well as for home décor items.

Elephant JG42800-801 Cotton Linen Canvas

This another simplistic design features geometric and animal patterns mixed in a line of semi-circular motifs. While the yellow and blue color combination delivers a Scandinavian feel, the pairing of yellow-green and purple and black and pink creates kitsch tones. Doesn’t it bring back old memories?

Cat JG42900-900 Brushed Cotton Flannel

This brushed cotton flannel fabric is ideal for children’s clothing, pajamas and bedding.

Mouse JG42900-901 Brushed Cotton Flannel

Another brushed cotton flannel features triangle and mouse motifs in a rhythmical pattern. This is also ideal for children’s clothing, pajamas and bedding.