comfy animals

A lineup of cute animal motifs is here

A perfect fabric for a fun fall/winter clothing project, popular animals like sheep, elephants and polar bears line up like stamped motifs. With tweeds and houndstooth check in the woven pattern, this cotton/linen canvas with brushed surface creates a feel of a warm material. Combining with boa, why not creating an extremely cute children’s dress?

Sheep P29400-400 Cotton Linen Canvas (brushed)

A fluffy looking sheep design spreads over a grandrelle style pattern to create the feel of a wool fabric. It will be cute to make clothes for children with a matching hat.

Elephant  P29400-201 Cotton Linen Canvas (brushed) P29400_401_1P29400_401_2

The elephant with the look of a Scandinavian wooden toy is a very popular motif for a print fabric. With a tweed style in the woven pattern, it is a perfect fabric for kid’s fall clothing.

Polar bear P29400-402 Cotton Linen Canvas (brushed) P29400_402_1P29400_402_2

Slightly large polar bears are lined up as if they were rhythmically stamped over the fabric. The houndstooth check pattern is created with a cuter color tone so that it will be suitable for children’s clothing. Small bags made with this cotton linen blend material will also look stylish.