Square Bag with a Diagonal Handle

Size: 30cm (l) 30cm (w)

This bag features a fabric from echino’s new design. A combination of the colors blue and yellow give the bag a fresh look. With added twist on the handle, the square shaped bag becomes triangle when in use.

Design & Work:Mioko Sugino

Fabric shown for this sample:
  echino JG96700-700C

□ Fabric (Outer fabric): 70cm×40cm
    (Lining fabric・Handle): 90cm×60cm


We interviewed Mioko about her creation:
Kokka Fabric (KF): What did you think of the fabric you used for this project?
It is a stylish fabric with sharply shaped triangles and arched birds. The yellow and blue combination creates a pop look, yet the natural base color makes this fabric more versatile than you think. Taking advantage of the triangular design, I created a square bag that turns into a triangle when carried.

KF: Can you tell us any special elements or ideas that you incorporated into this creation?
Rather than hiding both ends of the handle in-between the bag panels, one side is revealed and sewn onto the front side. This creates an accent to the handle that is attached diagonally. The width of the handle is wide, allowing you to carry the bag gently without the handle digging into your hands.

KF: What are some tips for making this bag?
With a longer strap, you can create a shoulder bag that can be carried diagonally. You are welcome to change the size of the bag, so why not making something smaller or even larger, wider and longer.

KF: How should we use this bag in everyday situations?
It is a perfect accompaniment for a simple and casual styling. This fabric, depending on the color, can generate a completely different look. It will be fun to make many of them in different colors! For example, the black one can go well with a cool looking fashion. Enjoy it by incorporating different length, size and colors.

KF: Thank you very much, Mioko! Here are sewing instructions along with step by step photos from her. Enjoy crafting!


Prepare the materials.

Fold the handle fabric in half, matching the long ends. Fold one short end for 1cm.

Fold in half and sew three sides.

With the front sides facing each other, layer one of the outer fabrics and lining fabrics and place the handle (raw edge side) in-between the fabrics at 3cm from the fabric edge.

Sew from one end to the other end. Sew together the other outer fabric and lining fabric without placing anything in-between.

Open up the sewn fabric and press the seam open.

With the front sides facing each other, sew all the way around leaving an opening for turning for about 10cm. Be careful not to sew together the edge of the handle.

Turn the bag inside out using the opening for turning. Close up the opening.

Place the lining bag into the outer bag. Align the shape.

Baste the end of the handle at 2cm from the side edge and 5cm from the top opening.

Sew all the way around the top opening and secure the handle.

Click here for Sewing Instructions (PDF format / A4 size)