Vintage Style Cotton Broadcloth

A charming fabric with a cute pop design

With a popular character like Mickey Mouse, a vintage fabric evokes a feeling of nostalgia. More stylish moms are making bags from vintage bedding broadcloth utilizing its distinct texture. Most vintage fabrics that you can find are in the forms of remnants and it is hard to find the size you want or may be too pricey as many are imported from overseas. Kokka came up with a character fabric that is as vintage as it can look. A perfect fabric for the interior décor of a kid’s room, it is also suitable for making a lovely lesson bag or shoe case for the new school year.

Mickey Cotton Broadcloth G7008-1 Cotton broadcloth

  • micky2
  • micky3
  • micky4

A very old artwork is used as a motif for this design. By purposely mismatching some patterns, color tones are finished with a retro touch.

Thomas Cotton Broadcloth G30605-1 Cotton broadcloth

  • thomas2
  • thomas3
  • thomas4

In order to create a vintage look, this fabric is printed in a blurry style called sericite. It is a fabric that delivers a lovely image of the Thomas character.

Peanuts Cotton Broadcloth  G3540-1 Cotton broadcloth

  • peanuts2
  • peanuts3
  • peanuts4

While there are many fabrics featuring Peanuts artwork, a simple yet representative motif was consciously chosen for the design. The purple background adds a more vintage feel, creating a nostalgic atmosphere.

Sesame Street Cotton Broadcloth G3540-1 Cotton broadcloth

  • sesame2
  • sesame3
  • sesame4

Well known muppets from the TV series are here. To create a fabric with a storyline, a roadmap design depicts a story behind it.