Themed after the memories of a trip

Have you ever heard of the word, wanderlust? The word is rooted in wander and lust in German, which most likely means one’s desire to travel. A famous Edo-period Haiku poet, Matsuo Basho once wrote in his Narrow Road to the Interior, “Beckoned by the guardian spirits of the road, I am too anxious to settle down,” expressing an urgent desire to go on a journey, and wanderlust must express a similar feeling.

This wanderlust is a fabric series created by an American designer, Thomas Knauer. While the destination was not Tohoku like Basho, the memories from Knauer’s trip to England with his daughter were the theme of this design. A quilt artist and author of a book on modern quilting, Knauer carefully thought out the designs and color combinations of the wanderlust for modern quilting, allowing any color to match with each other. The fabric is highly recommended for making items like a bag and a pillow. This material will turn even an easy patchwork piece into something very stylish.

fluttery JG50600-600 Broadcloth|Cotton 100%
kokka-fabric.com JG50600-600_1kokka-fabric.com JG50600-600_2

A lily crest with a slightly edgy look is softened by the placement of the butterflies within. A solid shaped bag created with this tasteful design will be great for a nice outing.

city-floral JG50600-601 Broadcloth|Cotton 100%
kokka-fabric.com JG50600-601_1kokka-fabric.com JG50600-601_2

The motif of this fabric was inspired by flowers encountered during a trip to London. The stems connected by a flowing curve create a feminine impression. The woven pattern behind the floral background adds a unique look.

lightning-bug JG50600-602 Broadcloth|Cotton 100%
kokka-fabric.com JG50600-602_1kokka-fabric.com JG50600-602_2

The motif of this design is a small bee, and it is perfect to be combined with large design fabrics or used as an accompaniment. The deeper color tone works as an accent to other fabrics of this series. The bee’s trails look almost like a geometric design, and even the single use of this fabric can create a stylish piece. It is a perfect fabric for small items like a pouch.

ticket to ride JG50600-603 Broadcloth|Cotton 100%
kokka-fabric.com JG50600-603_1kokka-fabric.com JG50600-603_2

The charm of this design are the polka dots inside the letters. Though this series was created for a patchwork, the modern look of the fabric will add stylishness to items like a clutch bag and a triangular pouch.

manhole JG50600-604 Broadcloth|Cotton 100%
kokka-fabric.com JG50600-604_1kokka-fabric.com JG50600-604_2

The surprising motif of this design is a manhole found in London! The geometric looking manhole pattern represents the main design of this series. Unlike a typical quilting fabric, this fabric has a slight masculine feel, making it perfect for interior décor items like a throw pillow. A piece made by this fabric will add such a stylish accent to a simple modern-style room.