Retro and bright print like the designs from 1930s

“Lighthearted” means fun, cheerful and interesting. As the name depicts, this happy and fun print fabric reminds you of the thirties in the US with its retro design and crisp color tones. Based on the tones, the series consists of three color groups – orange, mint green and tricolor. Using fabrics of the same color group creates a consistent look. Border designs with English alphabets and lace motifs are suited for handles and design transitions. The possibilities are endless. Today’s columns features the first group, orange toned fabrics.

 HFG_105 Cotton Broadcloth ts70_LH2

Alphabet letter ornaments are created using three groups of the Lighthearted series of fabric.

Tangerine Orange HFG_105 A Cotton Broadcloth ts70_HFG_105_2

With orange from the citrus family as a central motif, this group of fabric has a softer tone with yellow and beige colors. As an accent, darker brown is added. When making children’s clothing, different fabric is often used for sleeves and pockets to create a cute look. Using the fabric from this group for different parts of the clothing can create a stylish flair as the color tones are cohesive. Each fabric can be pieced together as a patchwork for a throw pillow or a café curtain. Items created with this fabric will add a kick to your interior décor.