Irome2016 2

With deepening autumn colors and snowy winter in mind

Continued from last column, we are introducing new designs from Irome, a Japanese four seasons themed fabric. This week the autumn and winter color fabrics are featured.

Autumn HFG108-1(C), HFG108-2(C)、HFG108-3(C)、HFG108-4(C)、HFG108-5(A) Broadcloth Irome_aki_2

Autumn is a time of harvest. The nuts on the trees that are changing colors to purple and falling leaves that are turning mustard yellow are the inspiration behind this design. An item like a bag created with a slightly subdued color combination will be stylish.

Winter HFG108-1(D), HFG108-2(D)、HFG108-3(D)、HFG108-4(D)、HFG108-5(D) Broadcloth irome_fuyu_2

The color composition reminds you of a scenery with a deep snow. The combination of grayish tones is understated, and has a broad appeal to any age group. Whether it is a small item or a bag, any creation in this fabric will look quite tasteful.