Irome 2

The Joy of Mixing Colors

Continued from the last article, Irome’s new collections “Autumn” and “Winter” are featured. These fabrics remind you of the natural scenery of the season…this is a series that invokes your imagination.

Autumn  HFG106-1 (E),(F)、HFG107-1 (C)、HFG107-2 (C)、HFG107-3(C)、HFG107-4(C)、HFG107-5(C) Solid: T/C Dungaree With Patterns: Broadcloth HFG107-autumn

The colors of autumn and fallen leaves are enhanced with thick purple flowers deepening in color. The subdued nature of fall and the scenery accentuated by the orange of autumn leaves is the image behind this design.

 HFG106-1 (G),(H)、HFG107-1 (D)、HFG107-2 (D)、HFG107-3(D)、HFG107-4(D)、HFG107-5(D) Solid: T/C Dungaree With Patterns: Broadcloth HFG107-winter

Snow and frozen fallen leaves, the gray skies of a winter landscape, and flowers in soft colors and leaf buds peeking out here and there… the inspiration of this design came from the silent and serene natural landscape.

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