Sas and Yosh Textile

The world of happy confusion

A joyful textile collection from UK-based artists duo, Sarah Bellisario and Yoshie Allan is here!
Its theme is ‘The world of happy confusion’.

“In a magical garden, under a mysterious moon night, the dwarves, insects and animals are having their festival. A circus, dancing with beautiful wings, a wonderful tea party and endless chatter.
Humans have never known such a world of happy confusion!
Created by Sas and Yosh with their unique quirky collaborative illustration and colouring.”(Sas ans Yosh)

Sweetie Tweetie JG50900-1 cotton linen canvas JG50900-1_2

These two birds are our ‘Sas and Yosh’ brand icon. We love them playing and chatting on a colourful polka dot background in 4 colourways.
This Cotton Linen canvas is durable and perfect for handmade bag, jacket, pants or skirt as well as interior items such as curtain, cushion covers.

Spring explorers JG50910-1 double gauze JG50910-1_2

Colourful ink blot butterflies are dancing in a nostalgic leafy garden and this design is available in various colourways from soft shade to vivid mood.
This design is both ageless and timeless. We can imagine this soft cotton double gauze could be made into a lovely spring/summer clothes and other fashion accessories.

Circus of wonders JG50920-1 cotton sheeting JG50920-1_2

This textile is full of fun! How many circus animals and characters can you find? We added some gold print on this illustrative design and made it even more colourful and lively.
This cotton sheeting is easy to sew. It would be great to make the most of these large circus motif for some large interior items such as kids bedding, cushions, etc. And of course it is perfect for bag and other fashion item!

Down the rabbit hole JG50920-2 cotton sheeting JG50920-2_2

Our eternal favourite motif ‘Alice in wonderland’ was made into this lovely pattern with playing card motifs in the background, with gold or silver print as an accent colour. On this design we have choosen minimum colour to give it a retro and nostalgic look. This cotton sheeting is easy to sew. We hope ageless fans of Alice will enjoy our wonderland.