petit Etoile

A story of a little girl who dreams to be a prima ballerina

petit Etoile features a design of jolly-looking ballerina girls dressed in tutus. In French, Etoile means a star and also portrays a prima ballerina or a principal dancer in ballet terms. The concept of this series is a story of children dreaming to become a prima ballerina. Kokka Fabric’s Creative Director says, “As little ballerinas are the theme, it may be great to make lesson bags for ballet and other classes.” This cotton/linen canvas material is perfect for creating large and solid bags.

Les 4 petits cygnes P32100-100 Cotton/Linen Canvas

On this fabric, four posed swans from the ballet Swan Lake are featured. The lined-up little ballerinas are lovely, aren’t they? With petite ballerinas dancing closely together all across the design, small items made from this fabric will look adorable.

Carte de Paris P32100-101 Cotton/Linen Canvas

The design features a lovely girl enjoying dancing with a French map in the background. A path that a girl walks through while going to an after-school ballet class was the image behind this design. Filled with colorful maps and stylish French landscape, Carte de Paris is just right for children’s lesson bags, especially for the ones taking ballet classes.

Les 4 petits cygnes  P32100-100 Cotton/Linen Canvas

To incorporate the feel of an old message card, a ballerina is adorned with a lace. As this was designed with a classic image in mind, a bag for an adult made from this fabric is also just perfect.