Ecole de Paris

the good old days in Paris

Here we introduce the chic fabric line depicting the good old days in Paris. Its name “Ecole de Paris” means School of Paris, which refers the group of non-French artists in Montmartre and Montparnasse in the early 20th century who released new art style and technique while having the bohemian lifestyle. By using old portraits and cursive letters, Kokka has made the fabrics recalling memories of the old Paris. The material, #8 cotton duck, is heavyweight but you can still manage to sew on a home sewing machine. No lining fabric is necessary. This durable fabric is excellent for bags.

portrait P24200-201 #8 cotton duck


  • paris_201_2
  • paris_201_3

  • paris_201_4

Don’t you feel as if you were in an apartment in France with framed pictures of people and the Eiffel Tower on the wall? You can use it as part of a mobile or an accent for your bag after cutting off the graphic of the photo frame.

cursive letters P24200- 200 #8 cotton duck


  • paris_200_2

  • paris_200_3
  • paris_201_4

The fabric with cursive letters in polka dot print is perfect for bags. There are a few colorways of this print. Please enjoy the color combination of dots and background.