Ruby Star Polka Dot

the retro and stylish prints are perfect for clothes or bags!

Melody Miller, who was the first guest for our “visit artist” column, recently released her new collection named “Ruby Star Polka Dot”.

“In this collection, I included gold dots on each print, hence the name, Ruby Star Polka Dot. One of the things I began to do last year was included items in my booth at the International Quilt Market that were inspirations for future fabric collections. So, last fall, I had a vase full of arrows in my booth. I then drew the arrows and included them in Ruby Star Polka Dot for spring. Some people had asked me if I would design something that would work nicely for garments, so my arrow print was designed to be an apparel fabric.” Miller says.

Miller herself has made skirts, bags, pillows, kitchen items like hand towels and pot holders from these new prints. She continues, “My friend Alexia of Green Bee Patterns made a number of samples for Kokka’s spring display at Market. She made children’s clothes, women’s tunics, sewing kits, and handbags.”

flower JG56500-500  cotton/linen canvas

  • mm_500_2
  • mm_500_3

  • mm_500_4

This is a border print of vivid pink flowers. The kid’s dress with this fabric, which her friend Alexia Abegg of Green Bee Patterns made as a sample for the Quilt Market, was well-received there.

handbag JG56500-501  cotton/linen canvas


  • mm_501_2

  • mm_501_3
  • mm_501_4

This is a fun print where various bag motifs are lined horizontally. As shown by the picture here, the pattern can fit into the body panels of a small bag. Its quiet coloration will never pall on you.

portrait JG56510-10  cotton/linen sheeting – extra wide


  • mm_10_1
  • mm_10_3
  • mm_10_4

Look at this eye-catching pattern. Lo and behold, the portrait is Miller’s grandmother! Miller says, “I have been including (portraits of my grandmother) in my art since I was 15 years old. She used to work at the Singer sewing machine factory when I was a child.” It will stand out on a quilt, a bag, or any various projects. You can create unique items with this print.

arrows JG56510-11 cotton/linen sheeting – extra wide


  • mm_11_2
  • mm_11_3
  • mm_11_4

The fabric with large arrows with feathers was designed so that it would also work well for clothing. “One of my favorite things is a dress by April Rhodes called The Staple Dress. She made one for me out of my arrow fabric and I love it.” Miller says.

multiple JG56510-12 cotton/linen sheeting – extra wide


  • mm_12_2
  • mm_12_3
  • mm_12_4

This panel print is the roundup of patterns from Miller’s all Ruby Star collections, including one of the most popular prints “viewfinders” and the new “arrows”. Depending on how you cut it out, the fabric will look differently. That is, you can enjoy one fabric in several ways. For example, we set the table with this fabric as shown in the picture here; floral panels were used as place mats, the other panel between floral panels was used as a centerpiece. Don’t you think it’s so fun?