Inspiration file 10:
Real & cute! Chimp’s “amigurumi” (*) doll


While the sky is blue after the rain, we are about to say hello to midsummer in Japan.

The trees, which have been lush until recently, are now showing the bright green color as they compete with the glare of the sun.

On such a sunny summer day, we found a chimpanzee in the woods. It is an “amigurumi” (*) doll made by the amigurumi artist Nami Yonezawa.

Her dolls are funny and cute, but looking closely, you will find that each animal’s characteristics are precisely expressed. Yonezawa always tries to create dolls which never get boring to look at. She also takes pictures of her work so they look as cute as possible.

The chimp in the picture above can hang on a tree branch or grab a banana because a wire strengthens the edge of each limb. In Yonezawa’s blog, another chimp shows up with such a story: “Since I made only one banana, perhaps the two chimps will get into a fight…? ” How will the story turn out?

You will see various unique animals like a lizard and a seal in her blog. Yonezawa’s real and cute “amigurumi” animals are really popular among children. This summer, how about playing zoo with your kids and your own “amigurumi” dolls?

You can see the website of Nami Yonezawa at

(*) What is “amigurumi”? The word is derived from a combination of Japanese words “ami” and “nuigurumi”. “nuigurumi” means stuffed doll but it refers to sewn fabric items. “ami” means crocheted or knitted. That is, an “amigurumi” is a crocheted or knitted doll.