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A summer staple ~ linen or cotton bags


The hot and humid summer is coming to Japan. Such a season may encourage you to select fabric bags to go out with more than usual.

The fabric “zakka” creator Kimie Shimizu makes bags with various materials all the time. She often uses cool, lightweight fabrics for her summer projects.

“In summer, I use more linen or cotton for my projects. While thinking about fabric colors to combine, I weave cotton rags to make a bag pocket, so it will bring the well-used appearance.” Shimizu says.

The crispy linen with tatty rag weaving….
Shimizu is always thinking how a flat fabric can have a steric-look when designing products. One day she found out that her product would be more voluminous with a unique texture by adding a rag-woven piece. Since then, the bag with a rag-woven piece has been her favorite, and she’s made a number of them.

Shimizu continues, “I would actually love to make a more frayed one enough to be torn easily, but reality is that such a creation cannot work as a bag. The rag-woven pieces are reflective of what I really want.”

It is practical and has its own character. This is what you can create with fabrics.
The drawstring bag will be more accentuated after closing the top, and its shape will depend on what you put in.

There is no end of fascination by fabrics.

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