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Double gauze Tote Bag


A droopy bag which breathes an almost lifelike presence is made by Kimie Shimizu, a fabric “zakka” creator. The fabric she chose is “Sitting Geese” from “Frame work”, a 2014 collection by Ellen Baker.
The photo below shows her half–finished creation. Firstly she tried out the look of a leather handle using weights.


Juxtaposing a soft double gauze with a hard leather could be cool.
“If I chose a leather handle, I would use a rivet button or with tread’(Shimizu)
She temporarily went with the leather handle, but coming up with an alternative idea: a line tape in the same color as the fabric. The photo below shows the result.


After spending much time to consider the best option, Shimizu finally decided on linen tape. The finished bag can be seen in the first photo.
“If I had had a tanned leather, I would have chosen it. The color of the leather I had was slightly different from what I had in mind. So I finally decided on line tape. The color combination works perfectly, I think.” (shimizu)

Abstracting from the brazen use of color, a unified grayish tone seems stylish and fresh. It would go nicely with a simple camisole dress and tunic of cotton or linen.

You can see the website of Kimie Shimizu at