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The One & Only Doll on Earth


Originating from her passion for handmade craft, the doll creator mimiwn started her own doll series “una-na” in 2003. una-na is a rag doll made from scraps of her favorite fabrics and dresses. Her recent creation “knitted una-na” has been featured in the Japanese knitting magazine named “Keito-dama”.

Stylish Parisienne, Hawaiian girls…. mimiwn has created each with its own unique characteristic. It is truly one and only doll on earth.
The reputation of una-na, which mimiwn plugs away at sewing with pleasure, has spread by word of mouth. In fact, hundreds of una-na dolls have already gone to her customers. mimiwn sometimes receives a request for a custom-made doll using the customers’ own favorite clothes.
mimiwn says, “ ‘una-na’ is the only one for you in the world. While picturing the receivers’ happy faces in mind, I delve into sewing and knitting”
Don’t you have a dress you once loved and cannot wear, but you hesitate to throw it away? Isn’t there any fabric or button waiting to be used? Isn’t it wonderful that such a “useless but favorite” thing may come back to you as a doll?
You will soon prepare for different set of clothing for the coming summer. If you wonder what to do with your well-worn clothes, how about using them as materials for handmade crafts? You might discover “treasures” you never expected.

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