TSUMIKI (Toy Blocks)

Committed to fine texture. A textile that is a notch above.

An innovative fabric that is a notch above. A specially treated textile made from high quality material is here! The name is “TSUMIKI” (toy blocks in Japanese.) As stacked toy blocks create new shapes, a wonderful collaboration of material and special treatment is born. The fabric is unique yet blends perfectly with everyday life…that is the feel created by this textile. The theme of the debuting spring collection is “Light Play.” An airy ray of light is expressed through sheer texture created by a salt shrinkage treatment and bold pearl print technique.

Dance (polka dots created by salt shrinkage treatment)  PG100-1 #80 Cotton Lawn  Fabric width about 88cm kokka-fabric.com PG100-1_1kokka-fabric.com PG100-1_2

From the initial process to final washing, this salt shrinkage fabric was created roll by roll by a Japanese craftperson’s dedicated hand work. A rhythmical feathery ray of light was the image for this design. The unevenness and sheer texture of polka dots, combined with an airy soft texture make this fabric attractive.
A simple top piece or a skirt, and even a one-piece dress will look very stylish in this fabric.

 Light (geometric pattern created by salt shrinkage treatment)    PG100-2 #80 Cotton Lawn  Fabric width about 88cm
kokka-fabric.com PG100-2_1kokka-fabric.com PG100-2_2

Light has a geometric design, also using a salt shrinkage treatment. It reminds you of sparkling and sheer reflective light. Using it as a sheer curtain, the level of light that comes through this fabric will look beautiful. Just like polka dots, this design comes in basic colors and also in bright tones perfect for spring and summer. This soft 100% cotton fabric is easier to sew than it appears.

Star  PG101-1 Linen, Pearl Print  
kokka-fabric.com PG101-1_1kokka-fabric.com PG101-1_2

Star is a 100% linen fabric made with thread from Catellins, a Belgian company with over 100 years of history. Shiny high quality material is converted into a fabric with a natural texture. A collection of lights that twinkle in the evening sky — such an image was recreated boldly using a color pearl print treatment. This chic, luxurious and sleek fabric is perfect for making interior décor pieces like throw pillows and curtains.

Prism   PG101-1  Linen, Pearl Print  
kokka-fabric.com PG101-2_1kokka-fabric.com PG101-2_2

New shapes formed by layers of refracted light is the image behind this design. Like Star, Prism also uses Belgian linen thread. While it is perfect for making bags and small items, its slightly heavier texture will make a skirt or an apron look quite stylish.