New Textile with a Sense of Warmth Derived from Handiwork

TSUMIKI is a series that proposes high quality fabrics to cherish the texture through a combination of special treatment and materials. The much-awaited second series is finally here! This new series is inspired by handiwork from around the world…for example, Japanese Sashiko, Kantha embroidery from India, carpets from Turkey and Morocco and traditional costumes of Europe. The end result is a beautiful textile that expresses the warmth of the handiwork.

Cross   Cotton/Linen Broadcloth

This series features a special treatment called flocking. Flocking is the process of depositing many small fiber particles onto a fabric surface. Flocking print creates a fresh look to a cotton/linen fabric through delicate unevenness like velvet. Inspired by traditional European costume, the fabric features a cross motif. The borders on both sides will stand out and create a stylish look as a skirt, dress or for the hem of a curtain.

Stitch  PG102-2 Cotton/Linen Broadcloth

Stitch is also a flocking treated fabric. Like Japanese Sashiko and Kantha embroidery from India, it reminds you of a rustic and warm handiwork. The irregular plaid pattern also creates a multihued look. It is a perfect fabric not only for clothing but also for interior décor items like throw pillows.

Sight PG103-1  Cotton/Linen Pripela

This roughly-woven cotton/linen fabric features a pearl print with a subdued brightness all throughout the fabric. Triangle and cross motifs are inspired by the geometric designs of Turkey and Morocco where these motifs are featured as animals and mountains. A bag made with this pearl-covered fabric will be a great accent for fashion styling.

To be  PG103-2 Cotton/Linen Pripela

Just like Sight, To be is also treated with a pearl process. Woven fabric is a common element of the handiwork all over the world. Free from the fluff, a sophisticated pattern continues all the way with a constant rhythm…that is the design idea behind this fabric. With a solid texture, it is definitely suitable for a variety of items including a bag, throw pillow or apron.