TSUMIKI 2016 Spring Summer Collection

‘Reading the wind’

TSUMIKI is a series that proposes non-conventional high quality fabrics to cherish the texture through a combination of special treatment and materials, like combined wooden blocks creating new shapes. The theme for the 2016 spring summer collection is “Reading the Wind.”
Spring wind that is not visible to your eyes, yet kindly wraps around you with a soft touch.
Calm and smooth flow, feeling a sign of presence to strike a rhythm…
Using a variety of processes such as salt shrinkage, punching and pearl treatment to express the various faces of the spring wind, a textile that dances to the winds is born.

Salt Shrinkage Treatment  Checkered PG104-1   Wavy Borde PG104-2 Buckingham

Starting with the initial selection of the thread, this original fabric was woven and processed with a salt shrinkage treatment to express the unique design with indented surfaces.
Carefully created roll by roll with a soft touch by a Japanese craftperson, spring like gentle see-through feel adds a new look to a traditional clothing.
The checkered pattern with distinctive indented surfaces enhance the charm of the salt shrinkage treatment. What makes the wavy border attractive is the soft line that reminds you of a flow of the wind.

Punching Treatment Stripe PG105-1 Triangle Punching-Solid  PG105-2 220 Authentic Lawn

By applying a double print process, a new textile with punching hole is created.
This light fabric like a lace generates a fun layered style in clothing and curtains with a combination of see-through look and overlaid fabric. The fabric comes in two designs – transparent stripe with glittering light that shines through in delightful color tones perfect for spring and summer, and triangle punching with a new look in geometric pattern and deep toned bi-colors.

Color Pearl Dot PG106-1 Line PG106-2   Cotton Linen Pripela

A combination of calm yet shimmering color pearl print and cotton linen fabric resulted in the creation of an upscale and natural textile.
From a piece of clothing to bags and interior décor items, this versatile textile will bump any creation up a notch.
Swimming with a rhythm of the wind, the variable dot pattern allows you to enjoy completely different looks depending on the cut of the fabric. The linear pattern expresses the gentle flow of a spring wind in a form of delicate lines.