The natural whisper is turned into textiles

A fantastic series of fabrics have arrived from Finland! The series, Kuiskaus, a Finnish word for a whisper, is designed by Sawako Ura, a successful freelance textile designer working in Helsinki. “In Finland, nature exists as if it were a part of everyday life. The whisper that I encountered in Finland through nature is represented in the form of textile. I hope you will enjoy the breath of nature that can be heard through these textiles.” (Sawako Ura)

“LUMITUISKU” (Snow Bank) JG31000-1 80 Lawn Salt Shrinking Cotton 100%
kokka-fabric.com JG31000-1_1kokka-fabric.com JG31000-1_2

The snow that keeps falling silently and getting deep.
The design describes a scene of Finland’s long winter where the snow gets deeper and deeper. The soft white flakes silently get collected as if flower petals were accumulated. With this image in mind, the texture of this cotton is dimensional with a slight indentation in a gauze fabric like softness.

“KUPLAN KUKKA” (Bubble Flower) JG31000-2 80 Lawn Salt Shrinking Cotton 100%
kokka-fabric.com JG31000-2_1kokka-fabric.com JG31000-2_2

A bubble flower, a flower that blooms like a bubble and disappears like a bubble.
In Finland, often times you dive into a lake after enjoying sauna or swim in the summertime. The refreshing pattern represents the flow of bubbles in these activities, a glow of layered foam circles in water appearing one after another.
A special treatment to the fabric creates depth and clear look.

“OLENTO”(Living Nature) JG31100-1 60 Lawn Soft Cotton 100%
kokka-fabric.com JG31100-1_1kokka-fabric.com JG31100-1_2

New lives are born in the rumbling of sounds.
Finland is a place where new lives sprout out at once from spring to early summer.
The design reflects the exciting energy generated from these events.
Soft transition of colors and silky texture make this fabric so special.

“HEIJASTUS”(Water Reflection) JG31200-1 Bark Cloth Cotton 100%
kokka-fabric.com JG31200-1_1kokka-fabric.com JG31200-1_2

Sparkling reflection of a flow of colors.
Finland is called the land of forest and lakes, where you often get intrigued by the beautiful waterscape.
Sky, trees and the ray of sun – a water surface that reflects a variety of light is sensitively drawn onto the surface of a bark cloth, creating a dimensional look with a unique weave.