naniIRO textile 2016 vol.1

A poetic world created by Naomi Ito

The April textile story is a special issue featuring naniIRO.
Started in 2002, naniIRO textile is a brand that incorporates Naomi Ito’s water color painting into fabrics. The brand’s name nani means beautiful in Hawaiian and IRO represents the meaning of color and harmony. A poetic gradation and bright coloration that take in the shades of light and water, gradual line and beautiful composition as a main piece…these elements turned the fabric into a painting and made this brand a Japanese pioneer of print fabrics featuring an artist. In the last 15 years of its history, 127 designs with 699 colors were created.

Lei nani – For beautiful corolla JG10310(Double Gauze Cotton 100%)、JG10311 (Linen 100%)

From the beginning to the end, I drew these designs thinking that these flowers will be given as corolla and leis. For this reason, it is named Lei nani, a beautiful flower corolla in Hawaiian, with a hope that it is given to someone like a beautiful handmade crown of flowers.

Vitality JG10290(Nep Double Gauze Cotton 100%, Cotton Gauze Cotton 100%)

As the name depicts, Vitality was inspired from the dynamic presence of nature.
Each color is given a name, like adding a poetry as I felt each fabric contains a little story.

Wild ←→ elegant wind JG10300 (Double Gauze Cotton 100%)

The wavering leaves, surfing in the wind looking like ocean, beautiful coat of a beast, creating a refreshing and gentle balance that passes through one’s mind.
A piece of fabric with a movement – a movement like a puff of wind or something with a flow.