echino 2016 Collection 2

Introducing stylish color combinations with gold and silver!

Continued from our last column, echino 2016 collection is here again with small to mid-size designs. The echino-like animal motifs such as birds, impala and fox make the fabric look attractive.

flag JG96400-401 Cotton Linen Canvas JG96400_401_2

flag features the birds fluttering their favorite banners. It is an interesting textile that can create a completely different personality depending on the color combination. It is hard to choose which one to pick.

impala JG96400-402 Cotton Linen Canvas JG96400_402_2

The small design motifs of this fabric were inspired by impalas running lightly in a savanna. Maximizing the texture of the cotton linen base, triangular motifs add playful colors. Gold and silver color combination creates somewhat stylish and mature feel.

den JG96400-403 Cotton Linen Canvas JG96400-403_2

den features the design of a fox’s round den. A fragment of shiny silver showers down here and there. A simple motif and composition create a versatile textile. To make the silver stand out, a more subdued color variation was chosen for a combination.