echino 2016 Collection 

Bold yet light. It is a simple beauty.

echino is a collection that treats the ‘fabric” as a place to tell a story. Last year, it celebrated its 10th anniversary. As 2016 starts the collection’s 11th year, a new design featuring silver and gold has been added while maintaining echino’s characteristic colors.
Bold yet light. This is a collection that delivers echino’s new character.

wandervogel JG96400-400 Cotton Linen Canvas JG96400-400_4

“This design was drawn as a main image for the 2016 fabric collection. Like a migrant bird, ‘wandervogel,’ it was created as if we were following a light and refreshing wind. Bold composition and graphical motifs, combined with a large pattern presents echino’s charm through a distinct color palette. A subtle silver “migrant bird” is featured as an accent. What makes this fabric most fun is to show the pattern to its maximum width.” (by Etsuko Furuya, echino Designer)

line JG96400-404  Cotton Linen Canvas JG96400-404_2

The hand drawn touch creates a variety of feel in this fabric. Silver and gold print applications on the lines on both ends and the dots create a simple yet playful echino’s character. While using the width to its maximum is recommended, combining it with other fabric will also be stylish.