echino 2017 Collection

Blithe Bold Colors

echino fabric collection 2017 is here!
The new series introduces a colorful and lively collection featuring small to large motifs. The variations of this fun 2017 collection include an eye catching bold pattern, simple yet interesting fabric in unique echino colors and textiles with gold and silver print accents.

hill JG96700-700B  Cotton Linen Canvas

The hill’s design depicts a scenery where a ray of light shines upon a series of triangular hills. The simple design layout makes it versatile for a variety of purposes. With various color combinations, you may have a hard time choosing which one to use.

stoneJG96700-701A Cotton Linen Canvas

Taking an inspiration from collapsed rocks, the stone mixes in a lovely wandering fox in a sea of broken rocks. With small motifs covering the entire fabric, this all-round textile can be used for small items as well as for clothing.

habitatJG96700-702B  Cotton Linen Canvas

habitat introduces a very echino-like animal design. Graphically oriented gold and silver geometric motifs work as an accent. The khaki and gray color combination will be fitting for projects with a mannish flair.

rayJG96700-703C Cotton Linen Canvas

ray comes in 110cm-wide fabric with a bold design. With this fabric, you can enjoy making clothing like a one-piece dress or maxi-length skirt that takes advantage of the width of the fabric. It is a fun textile that will let you naturally feel the charm of its bold design.

elementJG96700-704B Cotton Linen Canvas

element expresses the patterns inspired by a combination of forms found in nature, such as light and weather. A patchwork style layout with 110cm width generates a unique feel with each motif. Wherever you cut it, it creates an interesting look. You will enjoy this fabric for your interior décor items, like a throw pillow case or a bold cut-out as a wall accent.