2014 echino Collection Part 3

A wide 150cm-width fabric that you can enjoy making home décor items

A very popular echino series is here again. echino collection’s 2014 theme is “echino x kika.” It is a collection with a mixture of motifs and graphical geometric designs that are inspired by things found in nature such as animals and plants. Following the collection featured in this column back in February, three new designs are introduced. The material is cotton (85%) and linen (15%) broadcloth, which is different from echino’s standard cotton canvas fabric. This fabric is easy to handle with a wide width at 150cm. Utilizing its bold design, it is perfect for home décor items as well as for making garments like a shirt or a dress.

seed JG95210-10 Cotton/Linen Broadcloth
echino2014 collection

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  • echino2014 collection JG95210_10_3
  • JG95210_10_4

Large plant seeds and small seeds that are about to pop are expressed in a rhythmic manner. The design is bold yet suitable for different types of projects.

gara JG95210-11 Cotton/Linen Broadcloth

echino2014 collection JG95210_11_1

  • echino2014 collection JG95210_11_2
  • echino2014 collection JG95210_11_3
  • echino2014 collection JG95210_11_4

It is a fun border fabric with a graphical pattern. “The color paring of each border and combination of geometrics make this fabric very individualistic. Can you find birds and bees hidden in the geometric design?” (by Etsuko Furuya, echino designer)

mosaic JG95210-12 Cotton/Linen Broadcloth

echino2014 collection JG95210_12_1

  • echino2014 collection JG95210_12_2
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  • echino2014 collection JG95210_12_4

mosaic is represented by very simple color blocks. “From a very echino-like bright color combination to a monochromatic color tone, this textile is very interesting as it creates a different image depending on the colors. A simple skirt will look very attractive in this fabric.” (by Furuya)