echino decoro

A fabric that is perfect for decoration.

Following last week’s introduction, we are featuring the echino series again. Today’s textile is called decoro and its designer, Etsuko Furuya says, “decoro’s design inspiration came from the idea of decoration – to decorate space, a person or time. The underlining theme is that this is the kind of textile that makes you want to use it for decoration. A vibrant color, realistic looking animals and a collection of patterns depict a tranquil yet interesting design. echino is a series that you will love and enjoy as time goes by.”

rhythm JG-99550_50  cotton/linen broadcloth


  • decoro_50_2
  • decoro_50_3
  • decoro_50_4

The name of this fabric is rhythm. The design spreads all the way to the edge of this 110cm-wide fabric. The plants and birds design, which reminds you of classic wallpaper, with systematic and unsystematic elements and a geometric pattern, are seamlessly connected with a rhythmical tone. Using a wide design section of the fabric can create a bold look. Taking advantage of the width of the fabric, this textile could be used for a tapestry or as room divider. Combining different color patterns will make great fabric panels or a lampshade.

twin JG-99550_51  cotton/linen broadcloth


  • decoro_51_2
  • decoro_51_3
  • decoro_51_4

Twin’s motifs, zebras and bees are designed in pairs on this fabric. Placing these graphics in a pattern enhances this striped textile’s look. With unique color stripes used as an accent, this fabric has such lovely tones with zebras and bees seen throughout.

rhino JG-99550_52  cotton/linen broadcloth


  • decoro_52_2
  • decoro_52_3
  • dedcoro_52_4

As the name suggests, rhino is the main motif of this fabric. decoro series uses geometric blocks and dots as a common underlying design theme. “I think that the triangle geometric pattern and the rhino silhouette are a perfect imagery combination. While it is simple, I tried to make it look interesting by combining different colors.” Furuya says.