10th Anniversary / 2015 echino fabric collection 3

150cm-wide Cotton Linen Broadcloth

Starting with the theme “color journey,” this is echino collection’s third in its series in 2015. This 150cm-wide cotton linen broadcloth is easy-to-handle and versatile, as you can enjoy making a shirt, skirt or even home décor items.

camouflage JG-95220-20 Broadcloth
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Flowers, stripes and dots adorn the camouflage. Amidst these motifs you find a group of foxes trying to blend in the background as a camouflage themselves.

vista JG-95220-21 Cotton Linen Broadcloth kokka-fabric.com JG95220_21_1kokka-fabric.com JG95220_21_2

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Aligned triangle mountains seen in the distance is the design concept of vista. A stripe-like design with colorful and lined triangle motifs will work great when the stripe is used boldly. Items like a maxi style dress, loose-fitting pants and window curtains will all be suitable to make.

joy JG-95220-22 Cotton Linen Broadcloth
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joy features birds flying among blooming flowers. It has a lovely pattern, and its design and color combination instantly deliver a feeling of lightness. You can enjoy making small items to home décor pieces with this versatile design.