10th Anniversary / 2015 echino fabric collection

color journey

echino is celebrating its 10th year anniversary in 2015.
“Since the collection started, I treated the ‘fabric’ as a place to tell a story. echino’s textile is loved by many people in even the slightest terms as something that brings excitement to their daily lives and moments. As a textile designer, I find this gratifying.” (by Etsuko Furuya, echino Designer)

The theme for the anniversary year is “color journey.”
“While I think of the history of each design from the beginning to this day, echino’s colorful journey continues to its next passage.” (by Furuya)

landscape JG96000-600  Cotton/Linen Canvas   
kokka-fabric.com JG96000-600_1kokka-fabric.com JG96000-600_2

The bright and clear scenery spans with a layer of colors. It is like a feeling of deja vu. “I designed the landscape as the main image of the collection’s theme, ‘color journey’. The charm of this fabric can be best experienced by using the breadth of the fabric to its fullest.” (by Furuya)

zon JG96000-601  Cotton/Linen Canvas   
kokka-fabric.com JG96000-601_1kokka-fabric.com JG96000-601_2

This fabric features animals living in a sea of dots and geometric patterns. Random placement of the block like patterns will allow you to enjoy every bit of this fabric. What makes this print more interesting is that the different color combinations transform its image.

10th Anniversary  JG96100-100 Cotton/Linen Canvas
kokka-fabric.com JG96100-100_1kokka-fabric.com JG96100-100_2

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To commemorate the 10th anniversary, a collection of popular designs was put together as a panel fabric. Filled with echino’s history, it is a must have for echino enthusiasts to add to their collection. The original colors were vibrantly brought back to life through the inkjet printing technique.