2014 echino collection part 2

Perfect pattern for making small items

Continuing from our last Textile Story article, we are again introducing echino’s 2014 new design collection. This time the designs include birds and bees motifs. The bees, especially with their small sizes, will be great for making pouches and coin purses with clasps. The echino’s designer, Etsuko Furuya, shared stories about her design inspirations and how to make use of different patterns. We hope that you will find her stories helpful in your craft making.

bee JG95900-904 Cotton Canvas

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Just like its name, the bee has a beehive design. “Since my childhood, I have always recognized the hexagon shape as a form of beehive. When I looked at this design anew, I was able to draw it as a geometric design in an interesting way. While the design consists of only bees and hexagons, the use of color made the beehives look very unique. It is a perfect pattern for making small items.” (by Furuya)

birds JG95900-902 Cotton Canvas

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This beautiful design is filled with multicolored flying birds. Furuya says, “In the world there are many colorful birds. This design, birds, is made of candy-colored lovely birds. Wherever you cut it, you end up with a bird design. You can make a stylish simple pillow, bag or dress. It may also be fun to attach a cut out of the birds design to another material.”

布pipi JG95900-901 Cotton Canvas

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“The rows of different colors are very representative of echino stripes. In each stripe, you will find a graphic-like pattern, calico or birds, that are all drawn in a very textile-like systematic manner. The size of the design is very user friendly and perfect for making a variety of goods.” (by Furuya)