Runlala Rabbit

Pop Design Fabric with Fluorescent Pigment

A Bold design print with fluorescent pigment is here. Neon color is intentionally placed on top of the unbleached cotton/linen canvas to create an unusual color finish. Overlapping motifs result in a unique design. Why not making a roomy, large size bag utilizing the texture of cotton/linen canvas? The more you use it, the texture of the fabric and its print become more attractive.

ポルカドット P37900-900 Cotton/Linen Canvas P37900-900_2

Polka Dot is a pop looking print with rabbits on top of random dots in fluorescent pigment. A bag made from this material will have such impact that it will definitely attract attention. It comes in pink, green, purple and orange, typical and standard colors of neon.

Antique Door  P37900-901 Cotton/Linen Canvas P27900-901_2

Fluorescent rabbits are layered over a variety of antique doors. This curious look is created with “Alice in Wonderland” slightly in mind…… As the design itself has a chic feel, a kitchen item like an apron would look great.