mina chape

A fanciful textile that tells you a story

Designed by an illustrator/handcraft artist by the name of mina chape, this series is filled with emotions that convey a story. Consisting of three designs and right-sized patterns, this fabric is suitable for a variety of pieces from clothing to bags.

LAND WITH ANGELS JGA70010-D/#10B  Cotton Linen Canvas

This textile is inspired by a French 18th century print design of Toile De Jouy. Creating a fanciful feel, a flock of sheep, angels and moon are placed around medieval churches in a style of delicate line drawings.

STORY OF A FOREST JGA70010-D/#11C Cotton Linen Canvas

The rabbits are staring at you under the silence on a moonlit night. The deer are straining their ears to the sounds from far away. The bear and a girl are dancing. This textile depicts the scenes of these moments happening in the beautiful woods. This cotton linen blend canvas with a right amount of thickness is perfect for making children’s school bags.

TRIANGLES JGA70020-D/#20A Lawn

This textile reminds you of a multi-faceted feel. It is graphic yet conveys a softness of a handmade tie-dyes. A piece of clothing made in this colorful fabric will surely cheer you up. With a thin cotton 100% texture, it is also great as a blouse or for a lining of a bag with a solid tone.