Koto Thouin

The brand launched by Kurara Omichi, the top winner of the 4th Kokka Print Textile Competition

The new brand by Kurara Omichi, the top winner of the 4th Kokka Print Textile Competition is finally making its debut! With her avant-garde design and distinct use of colors, Omichi represents a new style of textile. HaaT of ISSEY MIYAKE INC spotted and adopted the unconventional textile for their spring/summer collection. The brand’s name, Koto Thouin comes from the Japanese word of Kotohamu, which means “let’s ask, let’s inquire.” When designing, she gets the inspiration from questioning stares that are cast from the stains, scars and shadows of the things.

Urayama no Shomen  JG29000-1A Cotton Linen Sheeting
Urayama no ShomenJG29000-1C Cotton Linen Sheeting
Urayama no ShomenJG29000-1D Cotton Linen Sheeting

When you close your eyes, you can picture that mountain, your childhood playground, that stood behind your house. Even when you are far away from it, it makes you feel that it is always there, quietly watching over you. The design depicts an existence of such mountain in a bold style.

Yuhi O ChigiruJG29010-1A Cotton Bark Cloth

At dusk, when the townscape, the humans and the plants, are covered in the same tone, it makes you think that you all can share your inner feelings. This is a design that prepares you to quietly share your feelings with someone.

Odokete Aruku   JG29020-1A Cotton Linen Light Pripela

On a day when something good happens, you encounter a moment where an extraordinarily lively vision spreads right in front of you. A feeling of excitement on such a day is expressed with floating lines.

Aimaina Omoide Zukuri JG29030-1A Dungaree

Feeling the warmth of the person who was sitting there until just a moment ago or feeling the sense of another person being there when you were talking to someone. This design conveys the weariness and longing for the memories that you think you come across in your everyday life yet are hard to remember.