Salad themed new design collection

With the concept “Getting the clothes you want – fast and easy”, the 3min., which debuted last year, is a series created by the designer Masahiro Tobita from the apparel brand, “Spoken words project.” The second in a series, the 2017ss collection’s theme is “Salad.” It comes in a full line of spring-like tones. The 3min. fabric is also introduced in Kokka’s fabric catalog site. Please check it out!

Leaf  JGA20040-1 Air tumbler treated cotton linen sheeting

How about serving a bowl of vegetable salad full of freshly picked leaves at sunrise.
As you stare into the bowl, you will get so caught in the beauty of nature, and it will make you forget that you are about to eat it. Drawn carefully in watercolor paints, every leaf is placed joyously on a piece of fabric. This textile goes so well against the natural light of spring and summer. Why not go out to town filled with soft breeze in an outfit made with this textile?

The soft finish cotton linen sheeting is versatile so it has many uses from clothing to bags.

Stick JGA20060-1 Cotton #60 Soft Treated LawnJGA20060-1BJGA20060-1A_C

The inspiration for this design is crunchy vegetables cut into thin sticks. The straight shaped vegetables are in line and layered, creating a unique rhythm.
The transparent feel that reminds you of the fiber is incorporated into the design. The design of sticks turning into stripes makes this fabric available for easy everyday use.

Thin #60 lawn has a little sheer and is perfect for making a light top or a skirt. It also serves well with a gathering design.

DressingJGA20080-1 Cotton Linen Canvas

  • Salad dressing that is created by mixing spices and oil from an original recipe.
    This delightful design tries to convey a joyful addition to your meals, the flavor that spreads over and the taste that sizzles. As dressing is something that turns side dishes into a main feature, this fabric should also be used as an element that adds another flavor to your everyday life. It can be a piece of clothing or an interior décor piece.

    The solid texture cotton linen canvas can be used for a variety of things like a dress, skirt or a bag.
    The pure color tone of cotton linen retains the natural texture of the nep.

    In addition to the three designs introduced here, there is also “pickles” that was inspired by the vegetables preserved in a spiced syrup.
    These fabrics are all featured in Kokka’s fabric catalog website and the 3min. website.