Filled with scenery and memories encountered on a trip

The featured textile is FABRIC CARAVAN BY YURTAO, designed by textile designer, Momoko Kinoshita, from YURTAO, a brand that uses original textiles for its clothing and bags.

Kinoshita has traveled to so many places to encounter different kinds of fabrics. This series is filled with the scenes and moments that touched her during these trips.

She says, “The beauty of ethnic costumes and textiles come from the time and effort that were put into creating these pieces, unlike the products made in a capitalist society. A good example is a wedding costume – years are spent on spinning threads, dying, weaving and embroidering just to create a piece of textile. Additionally, the traditional patterns and designs born from nature are passed down from generation to generation, like from a mother to a child.

Regardless of country or region, from olden days people have used their imagination inspired by nature and reflected in the textiles. These universal and powerful pieces make us realize the instincts of humans that are passed down from the days when people were more associated with nature. The falling rain, layering leaves, growing vines, flowing waters and shining sun are all part of nature’s activities.

My motto in fabric creation is to simply express the things that are taken for granted, yet are important. Like the ladies I saw that day, standing in the green terraced field in pink ethnic costumes, I placed importance on the vividness of the color that stands out from the surrounding scenery.
I hope to share these special moments with people who choose FABRIC CARAVAN, the moment that touched my heart from my trips.”

TSUKI TO AME JG50700-1 Cotton Linen Canvas

The mountains, moon and rain are all layered to create the design. This is an arranged version of YURUTAO’s popular standard designs.

HAPPA JG50710-1  Cotton Linen Broadcloth

The design features overlapping leaves. This versatile cotton linen broadcloth is suitable for items from clothing to bags.

KUKI TO TANE JG50720-1 Cotton Linen Canvas

Stalks that are climbing up straight is the design of this fabric. Different pigments are used for different colors – fluorescent for pink, white for white and gold lamé for gold, creating a unique look to enjoy depending on the color.

HOSHIZORA JG50730-1 Cotton Linen Canvas

Here, embroidery is the technique used to express the stars in the sky. A very FABRIC CARAVAN BY YURTAO-like color combination makes it attractive and it is perfect for making bags and small items.
This embroidery fabric was manufactured in Japan with careful thought put into the dye color and individual thread color combinations.