Musikkiste von nacht

a lovely tale of chatty bears

Today we feature “Musikkiste von nacht” that means “music box of the night”. This lovely fabric line is designed by the illustrator Itsuko Kawaguchi. The tale starts from a teddy bear shop in a fictional district named Carecheri Market.

As night falls, music boxes in the minds of bears are opening up.
Newborn bears generate music of expectations for the new world.
Antique bears are playing the nostalgic tunes while longing for the days with old owners. With the squeaky noises of springs and the harmony of various tunes, bears’ fun and noisy night is going on.

“I will be glad if you feel as if you have found your favorite bear at an antique teddy bear shop when you see this fabric. This fabric works well with retro-flavored projects such as a country-style basket, a fabric-covered box which an old sewing kit might be in, or a rounded bag or pouch. It is also good for home décor like bedspreads or cushions.” Kawaguchi says.

chatty bears H5120-20 cotton/linen canvas


  • musi_20_2
  • musi_20_3

  • musi_20_4

This is with large patterns depicting that each bear spends the night in its own way; having a cup of tea, playing a toy or reading a book. You can cut up the pieces and use them where needed.

parade in the night H5120-21  cotton/linen canvas


  • musi_21_2

  • musi_21_3
  • musi_21_4

In a quiet night, the bears’ parade is going through Carecheri Market. The scene which depicts fun music is illustrated with flashy but oldie colorations. This is a patchwork quilt pattern consisting of playful pieces.

pajama party H5120-22 cotton/linen canvas


  • musi_22_2

  • musi_22_3
  • musi_22_4

Pajama night tonight! The party scene and its small motifs are used as patterns. This fabric in a bit subdued colorations is good for small items, too.