mélange bon bon

polka dot & stripe in “kawaii” colors

Polka dots and stripe are always popular as basic prints. Here we feature “mélange bon bon”, the fabric line which incorporated these classic patterns with multiple colors. Depending on how you cut out or combine, it will look differently. That is, you will find enjoyment of color coordination from this fabric. It is great that one fabric gives you various options and ideas for your creations. You also can enjoy colors by making small items such as scrunchies, ribbons, or covered buttons.

polka dot P24000-400 cotton broadcloth

  • melange_400_2
  • melange_400_3

  • melange_400_4

The simple polka dots of variable sizes are lined up in a piece of fabric. The one in the pastel colors is perfect for girlish small items. Another fabric with vivid pink and brown was inspired by kids’ clothes in Paris. A patchwork pouch with your favorite parts of this fabric must be cute, too.

stripe P24000-401 cotton broadcloth


  • melange_401_2

  • melange_401_3
  • melange_401_4

Only the color combinations change the image of the fabrics. There are 4 colorways including the cute pastel and the sharp stripes. Choose what suits your project.