Lighthearted 2

Enjoying a variety of color combinations

Continued from last week, today’s column features a retro and bright print fabric, Lighthearted. This series consists of various designs including culinary-themed illustrations, small flowers, polka dots, alphabet letters, biased check and small dots. These designs are then put into three groups based on their colors, and not by their patterns. Following last week’s tangerine orange fabrics, the color groups of mint green and tricolor are featured today!

Mint Green HFG_105 B Cotton Broadcloth

This group uses mint green as a base color with the opposite color, rose pink as an accent. The idea behind these color selections is to propose that it can be interesting to incorporate contrasting colors. With either mint green or pink featured in each fabric, it looks pleasing when matched even with other fabrics in the same group.

Tricolor  HFG_105 c Cotton Broadcloth

In this group, the tricolor of red, blue and white is combined with a toned down blue and pink, which helps create a softer look. Biased check fabric and red based alphabet letter design are not overpowering but versatile when combined with other fabrics. They can be used as handles, an accent pocket or even for a lining. This is a kind of fabric that can make the main fabric stand out.