Lace Print

Lace Collage Recreated in Print Style

Lovely lace design fabric is here. What inspired this design was the “Premiere Vision Paris” trade show in Paris. At this show, there was a fantastic encounter with a lace design presented by a British designer. The design consisted of pieced laces, looking like a beautiful collage work. Then we thought, “It would be great if we could recreate this design in print fabric!”
That is the story behind the birth of this series. White pearl dye was used as an accent, adding glamour to the look of the lace. Why not try to make a bag with a soft silhouette? Or a children’s dress and skirt with a frill will look great in this fabric.

Lace Dot  P37800-800 Oxford (Ox) P37800-800_2

Various laces are cut into circles and placed over a denim-like print to create Lace Dot’s polka dot design. Easy-to-use oxford fabric is versatile for different purposes. It comes in four color patterns, gray base with pink, blue or yellow as an accent color, and a more festive red and pink combination.

Lace Stripe P37800-801 Oxford (Ox) P37800-801_2

On top of a stripe design, lace is layered over and printed on an oxford fabric. Three color tones – pink, blue and brown, constitute Lace Stripe. A different feel can be created depending on the color combination. This adds fun in selecting the fabric that matches your taste or fits with the image of items you are about to make.