nunokara series #3 Rotkappchen (Little Red Riding-Hood)

A chic “Little Red Riding-Hood” look, in an etched-style graphic

Once again, we are happy to introduce a story on nunokara, a series of KOKKA original fabrics. Its inspiration comes from the world of fairy tales with different artistic styles. For today’s article, we selected Rotkappachen (Little Red Riding-Hood). Yes, it’s the story where grandma gets eaten by a big bad wolf! The popular story for children is recreated with an etched-style graphic for grown-up tastes.

Fabric print panel F101-1 Cotton broadcloth *Organic Cotton


  • 102-1-2
  • 102-1-3

  • 102-1-4

A large etched-style graphic of Little Red Riding-Hood is quite eye catching. A wide lace motif at the edge creates an antique feel. You can use the Riding-Hood graphic as a cut-out and each scene of the story is perfect for making bags and cushions. The uniform color combination makes it easy to mix patterns and designs to create a stylish bag.

Border Print Design F101-2 Cotton Broadcloth  *Organic Cotton


  • 102-2-2
  • 102-2-3

  • 102-2-4

Little Red Riding-Hood is joined by animal friends and plants from the woods. A whimsical atmosphere is expressed in this design.

Entire Pattern F101-3 Cotton Broadcloth  *Organic Cotton


  • 102-3-1
  • 102-3-3

  • 102-3-4

A perfect fabric for making small goods and kid’s clothing. Riding-Hood patterns appear all over the fabric. With a small design sequence, Riding-Hood is in every little section of the fabric.