Inspired by Fairy Tales

KOKKA has produced a number of unique and beautiful printed fabrics. Among them, the fabric inspired by “Little Red Riding Hood” has been always a favorite. Complying with the popularity, KOKKA design team proudly created a new fabric line named nunokara, which features “well-known fairy tales”. nunokara is a little more mature and with a Nordic taste.
Here are nunokara fabrics from the story of “Thumbelina”.

Along with its theme, the feature of nunokara is 100% organic fabric. While most of KOKKA products are made in Japan, nunokara fabrics are printed in a textile mill in Korea certified by Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS). There is no GOTS certified mills in Japan yet. It is the KOKKA’s first product from Korea with green aspirations for “Eco friendly, Comfortable, and Sustainable”.



  • nunokara2a
  • nunokara3a
  • nunokara4a

This is the scene that a tiny girl, Thumbelina, who was born from a flower. Thumbelina’s character is less represented in the geometrically deformed flower pattern. Simply using this fabric, your tote bag can be still attractive!



  • nunokara6a
  • nunokara7a
  • nunokara8a

Thumbelina is kidnapped by a frog – The scene is depicted in this beautiful fabric but not precisely. The motif in the scene is used as the fabric pattern with less color. The simple design cutely accentuates the red ladybugs.



  • nunokara10a
  • nunokara11a
  • nunokara12a

This fabric is designed with swallows and clouds. This is adopted from the scene that Thumbelina flees from the situation on a swallow. The nunokara line contains soft sheeting fabrics, and it is perfect for loose clothes and bags.