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​Playing with colorful felt mobile


Kuniko Kitamuki is an artist of felt crafts who makes small accessories such as Matryoshka, the small Russian shaped dolls. The felt mobile shown in the picture is the one Kitamuki created to display at her exhibition. It is a spectacular mobile and is adorned with strikingly beautiful and multicolored felts. It would be nice to have such a mobile in a child’s room.

While the needle felting is now more popular, the sheet felt is the ideal material to work with and is so versatile.

Walking in a local fabric store, you may see 1.5cm diameter felt circles. These are perfect to create display items.

This mobile was made up with felt circles, by sewed together on a sewing machine. The cord between felts is just by continuing running the machine. Upper and bobbin threads tangle each other, and then it can be like a cord. The pieces of cotton, which are made by cutting out and then interface right and wrong sides with each other, can become decorative accents among felt pieces.

You can enjoy the color variation, which is the felt’s distinctive feature, by coordinating in similar colors, tones or gradations.

This felt creation hung over small windows would be like a café curtain. It could be also become a mobile by hanging from the ceiling. That is a fun play!

Brilliant and radiant colors can revitalize you as if vitaminswork as boosters for your mind and body. Don’t you want such an item in your room?