Inspiration file 34
Gift-wrap made with fabric scraps


In the picture is a mini pennant garland which was made with a bunch of leftover fabric scraps coordinated with conventional colors of Christmas – red and green. The garland of small triangle pennants, 3 centimeters on a side each, can be a ribbon to embellish the wrapped gift. The garland turns out decoratively by combining distinct textured pennants from cotton prints, linen, and felt. You don’t have to trim the row edge of each piece. But your garland can be lovelier if you cut it out using your pinking shears. Fold and press the base side at 7 millimeter, match up one pennant with another pennant, and then sew sides together with a sewing machine. If you want to make a cord between each pennant, just continue running the machine without sewing fabric. Upper and bobbin threads tangle each other, and it can be like a cord. You can also make a pretty two-toned cord by using different colored thread for each upper and bobbin.

There is another way to tie pennants together without using a sewing machine. Fold down one side of pennant to make a casing, put your favorite cord into the casing, and glue to pennants.

This garland can also become an ornament for your Christmas tree. Or, how about making a larger pennant garland for a wall decoration?

Don’t you visualize various color combination or pattern matching for your new project while looking at your fabric scraps? Such a “happy moment” to think about your sewing projects may be a special gift for yourself.