fabric collection 2013

echino ~ Fascinated by vivid colors

The first featured article in this series is “echino”, the fabric line by textile designer Etsuko Furuya. Since echino came on the textile scene in 2003, Furuya has released a new collection each year. Many of her fabrics are made up of multiple layers of vivid colors which fashioned the name “echino color”. That is the biggest charm of echino! The vibrant and catchy fabrics are great for any projects: clothes, bags or even home décor such as curtains and cushions. echino fabrics are beloved in Japan as well as all over the world.

The theme for the 2013 echino collection is “capture the color”. “I designed the 2013 collection with colorful images that would jump out at you. I wanted to approach the project from the colors. The insect, bird, animal motifs in this collection are background characters as the color design is the main attraction.” Furuya says.

For any textile projects, Furuya develops her idea of coloration with consciousness of how to present interesting angle, a little playful unnaturalness, and mysteriousness. The new collection features multicolored motifs, not by tone coloring. A variety of colors create a different picture even with the same design. That is why echino fascinates you. It shows that the textile has infinite possibilities.

acacia JG95800-800


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  • IMG_0851
  • IMG_0857

This is a scene of animals gathering, while curiously coming and going, around acacia in echino color. It seems as if the animals are magnetized by the brilliant colors of trees. You would love to make fabric panels or small animal-shaped pillow, after cutting out your favorite scenes or animal motifs.

piece JG95800-801


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  • IMG_0863

This fabric is made up of a various pieces of motifs from nature, such as leaves, flowers, drops, etc. It is as if each piece has its own story which is engaging. This one can be used for fabric panels, or you may select each piece and gather by color or by motif. This playful fabric allows you to be creative in your design.

cherry JG95800-802


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  • IMG_1027

Colorful birds with “echino color” frolic in and around the cherry tree. The multiple variations of colors create different scenes even with the simple motifs of fruits and birds. Isn’t it fun to makeover curtains depending on the seasons, with green-based fabric for spring and blue for summer? If you want more chic and feminine bags or pouches, the black fabric with vivid pink cherries is attractive!

wild flower JG95800-803


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  • IMG_1060

The silhouette figures of full-blown flowers affect the highlight of each color. A tapestry or curtains of this fabric with large floral patterns can stand out in a large background. Your dress will be so cute, by leaving the flowers on the hemline. As a color creates impressions, more colors create more impressions. Thus, it is tempting to sew more dresses with this fabric in different colors. Eventually a new Japanese slang “otona-nui (impulsive sewing in bulk)” might be made up, following the current slang ”otona-gai (impulsive shopping in bulk)”…

insect JG95800-804


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  • IMG_0938

This is the very first pattern designed for the new collection. According with its theme “capture the color”, it shows as if the colorful butterflies, insects, flowers and fruit are captured and lined up in a specimen case. Because of its continuous pattern of small motifs in equal spacing, this fabric is great for creating accessories like a pouch or a small snap wallet.