nunokara×Etsuko Furuya

The world of Alice in Wonderland

nunokara is a fairy tale series of fabric that has appeared several times on Kokka Fabric’s website. Today we are introducing the Alice in Wonderland inspired design created by echino’s designer, Etsuko Furuya. Expressing Furuya’s unique world of design, this 100% cotton series is somewhat unique.

Alice HFG 100-1 #10 Canvas

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  • HFG100_1_3
  • HFG100_1_4

“The Alice fabric was first designed with nunokara’s collaboration theme ‘Alice in Wonderland’ in mind. In this story there are many attractive characters besides Alice, who is the protagonist. These various motifs are gently expressed as a silhouette in the images of this story. It is a classic design combined with botanical motifs. This creates both a cute and mature look depending on the color combination or the way you use the fabric.” (by Furuya)
This arabesque design with casually placed Alice and rabbits are suited for making interior décor items such as pillows and small cases.

Rabbit HFG 100-2 #10 Canvas

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  • HFG100_2_4

“It is a rabbit design fabric, a very familiar motif in Alice in Wonderland. In this collaboration collection, I tried to create a design that is not too explanatory of the storyline. With dots as main design motifs, rabbits with a clock are drawn as accents in this Rabbit fabric. The base is cotton canvas, so it allows you to enjoy a natural and simple stylish fashion.” (by Furuya)

Trump HFG 100-3

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“Trump is a fabric that you can enjoy different color tones when spread open. Diamonds, spades, clovers…these became interesting motifs in this fabric when combined with other elements. Random block design is useful and versatile. It is a great fabric for making something individual and unique.” (by Furuya)