baby gifts – double gauze

Soft touch double gauze

A second series of soft textured double gauze, baby gift is here. Featuring soft pencil touch lines blended with a flair of watercolors, Merry Go Round from the previous series got so popular that the similar soft taste is introduced again with girls’ favorite motifs.

– Dreams in the Wonderland – P42300-300  Double Gauze cotton 100% P42300-300_2

Alice-themed fabric is introduced backed by requests from customers. It is full of curious motifs that appear in the Alice in Wonderland stories. Along with the lovely tone of pastel, the Alice-like monotone with red (color D) is great.

– Do you like sweets? – P42300-301 Double Gauze cotton 100% P42300-301_2

This design is themed after a tea party. The lively design of sweet cakes, balloons and garlands are drawn in fair touches, matching the soft taste of double gauze. It will be nice to make a girl’s dress with lots of frills in this fabric.