echino ni-co

A unisex fabric suitable for everyone

echino was featured in our very first Textile Story, and today we are happy to present echino’s newest collection, ni-co. The concept behind this line is “unisex.” The design was inspired by simple motifs and a limited use of colors. Carrying on echino’s distinct color scheme, the repeated single motif creates ni-co’s unique character. The color combination gives variation to its look and versatility.

echino’s designer, Estuko Furuya says, “Whatever the project, I recommend choosing a simple shape and design. For example, classis items like tote bags or plain small square bags would be perfect. You can also combine it with leather to make a bag or cushion cover. It would be nice to create a gift for men, who are new to design print fabrics like ni-co.”

scooter-b JG-99700_700 cotton/linen canvas


  • nico_700_2
  • nico_700_3
  • nico_700_4

With a slightly retro look, Scooter’s design may be suitable for men. But by combining different colors, its color variation could generate a cute and stylish look. You can also be creative using the bias pattern on the side.

camera-b JG-99700_701  cotton/linen canvas


  • nico_701_2
  • nico_701_3
  • nico_701_4

Though the camera motif may look very real, the partly-faded style of drawing creates a nice feel and make this fabric look attractive. The cotton/linen canvas is a type of material that adds richness to the feel as you use it more and more.

glasses-b JG-99700_702   cotton/linen canvas


  • nico_702_2
  • nico_702_3
  • nico_702_4

Glasses, glasses, glasses……Strictly aligned glasses create such a whimsical style. Accent colors are used for the side herringbone design. This fun fabric is great for unique projects and can be used stylishly, regardless of gender.