echino ni-co

echino’s sub series, ni-co is here!

ni-co is a collection that was first created in 2008 with the “unisex simple” as its concept. Systematically aligned rhythmic patterns and motifs that are drawn with expressive lines and simple design are the characteristics of this collection. The motifs for 2013 were scooters, cameras and glasses, and for the new collection, ni-co’s popular motif, vehicles are featured. Bright colors and smoky tones are used to create a fabric that is versatile for making different items for various ages and genders.

“To simply enjoy the pattern, a basic tote bag is a perfect choice. ni-co has a pattern of repeated motifs so you don’t need to worry about the direction of the fabric. It may be fun to make different sized totes, from mini to big, in the same shape. Combining it with leather parts creates a stylish masculine bag. With smoky color combinations, wide-sized easy pants may be interesting to make.” (by Etsuko Furuya, echino Designer)

helicopter-b JG−99800-800 Cotton/Linen Canvas

The motif of this fabric is a realistic looking helicopter. This series incorporates a drawing that uses a faded brush stroke, which creates just the right amount for an attractive look. Five different color combinations let you have fun choosing the color. Khaki and gray color tones are great for men’s items.

car-b JG−99800-801 Cotton/Linen Canvas

Retro sports cars are featured on car-b. With small motifs, this design is perfect for making both tiny items to large goods. This cotton linen fabric will have a nice feel and touch as you use it more and more.

bus-b JG−99800-802 Cotton/Linen Canvas

Systematically aligned buses are the design motif of the bus-b fabric. The colors consist of unique combinations to calm tones like gray and brown. Certain color combination produces a slightly mature feel. Of course this fabric can be enjoyed by both male and female!

block JG−99800-803 Cotton/Linen Canvas

block features an orderly lined border, stripe, herringbone and triangles. Using the entire width of 110cm, you can enjoy this fun border fabric with interesting color combinations for bold interior décor items. It is a versatile fabric that can also be used as an accent piece for various items.