echino ni-co1

A Collection with a “Unisex” Concept

Originally started as a fabric series with the “Simple” and “Unisex” concept, ni-co’s new collection is here. This popular series is known for its rhythmically patterned motifs and simple designs. The new collection features hand drawn graphics and a combination of patterns. Additionally, well-liked vehicle designs and smoky color tones make this collection very versatile for any types of projects. A total of five designs will be introduced in a series of two columns. Featured here are three designs of popular vehicles motifs.

cranetruck JG90000-100 Cotton Linen Canvas JG90000-100_2

With striped cranes as an accent, cranetruck is an attractive design with a scratchy drawing style on a nicely expressive cotton linen material. Masculine color tones make this fabric perfect for a tote bag.

retrocar JG90000-101 Cotton Linen Canvas JG90000-101_2

Since its beginning, the automobile is a continuously popular motif for ni-co. The new collection, retrocar, is so versatile with small patterns, it is a perfect fabric for making anything small or large.

motorbike JG90000-101 Cotton Linen Canvas JG90000-102_1

Orderly lined motorbikes are featured with a focus of smoky tones like khaki and gray.
The simple design will allow this fabric to be enjoyed by everyone.